Some readers may have heard the Lenovo K450, Lenovo-made desktop which was launched late last year was somewhat unusual. Lenovo has said that Lenovo K450 is made ​​specifically for Gamers. Well, because most features are presented in a specific help for Desktop-PC performance to be optimized and maximized. But in general the Lenovo K450 can be used by anyone who is interested in maximum performance from a Desktop-PC.

Desktop-PC offers you a wide range of facilities such as 7.1 channel surround, 3D Games, and switches that control the performance of the K450 can choose from green, red or blue. You will notice that the Lenovo K450 will work with good performance and will make you to love it.


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Lenovo K450 Review

Below are some of the features that can be found on the Lenovo K450 Review:

lenovok4501External Three speed power switch

Red switches for speed and strength, blue for normal use, and cool green for quiet, energy efficient operation.

3D games by Lenovo

Latest 3D games smooth as silk with cool graphics, NVIDIA Gforce GTX660 1.5GB graphics or AMD Radeon HD 8670 2GB graphics.

Storage & Memory

With up to 32GB DDR3 memory, you can drive your PC’s performance and multi-tasking power to the limit. And with up to 4TB HDD storage you’ll have more room than ever for all of your data. Get even more storage capabilities with a portable 500GB SATA Universal Storage Module (USM) hard drive so you can connect to other PCs with a USB 3.0 cable.

For specification please read below:

Hard Drive                           : 2 TB SATA

RAM                                                : 12 GB DDR3

Memory Speed                            : 1600 MHz

Processor                                    : 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-4770

Wireless Type                     : 802.11bgn

Graphics Coprocessor         : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650

Number of USB 3.0 Ports     : 4

Graphics Card Ram Size     : 2 MB

Number of USB 2.0 Ports     : 2



Costumer Review of K450 Lenovo

Below is real Comment about Customer review of Lenovo K450 Review, by Endurance W.

I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase, both with the price and quality of product. I enjoy playing games as well as flight simulation, all of which are demanding on a computers resources, and found this i7/GTX 650 Lenovo very capable.
One note of warning… the factory packing list freaked me out. It showed only 4 GB of RAM where 12 had been advertised, and as for the processor the list said only “processor” with no mentioned of make and model …nor was any video card mentioned…. to say the least, the initial startup was anxiety ridden…. figuring if it only has 4GB of RAM then who knows what kind of processor? But it’s all good… the list must be from the initial configuration, because once the initial setup completed so I could examine it, everything was as described to the letter.
I’m an IT professional and _very_ use to opening new machines, mostly HP, and this machine was purchased for personal home use. Lenovo’s attention to detail in packaging is some of the best I’ve ever seen, easily superior to HP—and while one doesn’t judge a book by the cover the detail in packaging offers a glimpse into the amount of pride a company places in the company, The performance was everything I expected for an i7 with a GTX-650, and I highly recommend this purchase if you’re looking for a fast machine that’s priced and made well.
DCS World, X-Plane, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and many other games and Sims all effortlessly played with maximized sittings .
I did a few test with the turbo switch and found little difference between sittings. I did however read where someone lost the software for the switch though, and was having difficulty getting the machine to operate at a normal speed—-so as always do a good back up.

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